The general terms and conditions of the QueenS internet shop are determined by the conditions of purchase and sale of products realized by MEDIA-PLUS GROUP d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “Seller”). General business conditions are further specified in the relevant laws.

An online store is an information system designed to introduce and sell products to consumers. It is managed by MEDIA-PLUS GROUP d.o.o. The consumer is the person using the said system.


Through the QueenS Online Store, it is possible to make reservations for any desired items that are available at any given time. Booking on this site automatically accepts all its offers. By entering the information at the time of reservation, the consumer gives the opportunity to continue using it as the process needs.


The Seller undertakes to deliver the purchased goods to the Consumer by sending the goods through the courier service. All costs of delivery of goods are borne by the Consumer. Delivery time The buyer will be notified by telephone by the courier service. Delivery time for items purchased through the QueenS Online Store is seven working days from the date of order receipt. Delivery is not made on Sundays and public holidays. Shipping is done everywhere in the world.


The consumer can only pay for the goods on account 1941060096000169 opened with ProCredit Bank. Upon reservation of the goods, the Consumer receives an invoice with e-mail with all payment information. The deadline for payment is seven days from the date of receipt of the pro forma invoice. If the goods are not paid within the given deadline, the reservation is automatically canceled.


All prices are in Euro, VAT included. The seller reserves the right to change the prices without first informing the buyers, unless otherwise stated (in case of promotions and special discounts). Prices are valid at the time of booking and are valid for the following period.


The consumer reserves the right not to make the payment after the reservation has been sent and in this case shall not bear any costs.


Consumers can declare complaints, complaints and objections by sending a written complaint to zalbe@clothesqueens.com. The seller will confirm within one day that the complaint has been received, and within eight days will electronically inform the consumer of the decision and possible way of resolving the complaint in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection (refund, appropriate price reduction, replacement or repair of the item). The complaint will be resolved within 15 days from the day the complaint is received.


Seller reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without first notifying its customers. Every consumer can check the current conditions when booking a product.