Unique handmade design, high quality Italian fabric and mesmerizing accessories are a vital characteristics of the QueenS brand. What stands out in particular is the fact that the brand is driven solely by the love for fashion expression, which guarantees complete dedication to designing a timeless creation.

The brand creator, Sanja Todorovic-Vujicic, thanks to the selfless support from her friends and family, has decided to make all what she has created for herself available to other women. Her first collection of dresses, outfits and suits was introduced in May 2019 under the name “My Secret Dream”, combining the spirit of old Hollywood with today’s biggest fashion trends in order to make a timeless glamor.

The clothing line was created with a vision to fulfill the needs of a modern and sophisticated woman with a style and an attitude – but also a woman who wishes to become all of that. The main characteristics that feature QueenS creations are good quality and timeless cuts, and thus it was not unexpected to see a quick rise in popularity and growing affection among women for this brand. You will be wearing their items with a smile and confidence.

Creation of every collection required much love and care, and not only in terms of beauty of the details, but also throughout the whole production process, which makes QueenS have the most comfortable items that you will ever wear. Every stich, button and other detail tells its story, which makes Sanja’s creations entirely unique.

If you wish to be unique and remarkable, to have a dress that you can wear now and in a few years, a dress that stands out with its quality – choose our handiwork. We will make you shine at every opportunity. Go with style and show off everything you’ve always wanted.

For the style you’ve been dreaming of – QueenS!