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Model 19 – Black/Red Skirt & Corset

Classic and high elegance never go out of fashion, as well as this unique corset and skirt made of sophisticated brocade with light floral patterns.

Model 18 – Purple Skirt & Top

A playful, youthful item made of the finest silk and lace. You will feel like a real princess in this effective and powerful skirt and top outfit.

Model 17 – Black Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit that will make you feel great and look like a lady with an attitude. Simple but effective, comfortable and very practical for a variety of occasions.

Model 16 – Black Suit

A suit does not make a man, but our suit does make an elegant and strong woman. Ideal for all business and festive occasions, this model features casual sleeves, a modern lace top and high-waisted pants.

Model 15 – Long Gold Black Queen

Some people admire art, and some people are art. This royal dress made of finest lace and silk will guarantee your masterpiece status at any time. This item is eligible for auction sale. Starting price is 750 EUR.

Model 14 – Long Purple Queen

Bold purple satin and quirky first-class lace blend into this exclusive, luxurious gown inspired by Roman goddesses who would admire its luxurious style as well. This item is eligible for auction sale. Starting price is 800 EUR.

Model 13 – Long Golden Rose Queen

Stunning, seductive dress made of high quality satin and lace, with specially embellished, lowered straps. This combination will draw all eyes on you, it is a promise. This item is eligible for auction sale. Starting price is 650 EUR.

Model 12 – Long Black & White Queen

A dress that evokes Hollywood glamor and brings a sense of mystery. The combination of satin, feathers and lace creates a sophisticated model that will make everyone captivated.